Disney Zombies

Speaking of fairies – Sarah is three years old, which means daddy gets to shop in the “pink aisle.” Normally I don’t mind our toy store outings because I can shop for Transformers (our basement is slowly succumbing to a plastic robot rash that threatens to cover every available surface). It becomes strange for me when Sarah expects me to get excited about shoes for her princesses or brushing purple pony hair. I humor her. I put on my cute (but manly) princess voice and answer her with woos and awwws. I help to braid Barbie hair, fill dainty cups with water for Giraffe’s tea party, and yes, I’ve even pretend-wiped Cabbage Patch ass that just went potty.

But just when I feel as though I’ve lost her (and myself) to glittery girldom, she goes and paints the scariest rendition of Tinkerbell I’ve ever seen. Can a horror dad be anything but proud?

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2 Responses to Disney Zombies

  1. Eric Lampkin says:

    I find satisfaction in reading about your experiences with your daughter and the pink that has engulfed you. You should find a weird pleasure in all of this though. A horror fan such as you probably doesn’t experience the fear that most do when they read a good horror novel or watch a frightening movie. But what can me more terrifying for someone like you than to be constantly surrounded by pink princess dresses, disrobed Barbie dolls, every Disney movie made, and dare I mention Barney. I too share in the pink nightmare. I now have 2 daughters, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, so every inch of my house is covered in girldom. I think comradery rather than satisfaction would be better stated.

  2. Ethan says:

    Eric! Damn man, you always ninja-smokebomb-vanish for a year or two and then suddenly pop out of the shadows! Good to hear from you, and I’m sorry that you’ve succumbed to the princess plague as well. The other day I had travelled all the way to work before realzing I had a glitter pony sticker on my butt. We do have Sam, who was born nearly a full-sized man, so once he’s able to walk I’m sure he’ll bring some more testosterone back to the house (now to figure out how to keep him away from my toys).

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