Why you should try the Allods Free MMORPG

AllodsI have a bit of an obsession about trying every MMO I can, and that means hours and hours of the absolute worst grind-fests that even haunted Asian internet cafes. I’ve created basically the same character and look (hell, most only give you 5 choices of “hair” and “face”) in 20-some-odd Korean MMOs only to delete them minutes later. Fear not, there are some rare F2P (Free to Play) gems out there. Very rare. Allods is the shiniest of them all, as far as I’m concerned. It’s obvious that they’ve borrowed from Warcraft’s look and design (or stolen, if you’re one of those people who believes Blizzard didn’t lift their style from Warhammer). Is this a bad thing? Not in this case. What works here is that we’re seeing the stylish visuals and humor most of us love, but in a different universe. A universe filled with Russian orcs in military garb, elves forced to strip for the same military police who crack down on elf pornography, undead Egyptian space robots, and the first player character I have ever seen that is actually three little people controlled at once. It oozes charm as well as quality despite the slow start. Once it picks up, it is glorious. I should mention it’s made by a Russian development team. This is a good thing. My orc screams out what must be crazy Russian vulgarities in combat. The city is covered in foreign writing and the humor is just oddball enough to feel like something new. The immersion level is high.

I’m going to show you a couple of screenshots. If they don’t send you at least to the Allods page to check the game out, you’re never going to be happy with any F2P MMORPG, IMHO.

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