Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Project Legacy, and Ascendance. Busy Busy.

Now that they’ve all been released, gone gold, or were teased, I can talk about what has kept me so busy for the last few months.

It was a triple-dose of Assassin’s Creed mania. First off, I encourage everybody using Facebook (if you read blogs, you probably Facebook too – don’t try to hide it) to run Project Legacy. It’s a FB game with new as well as familiar characters, fiendishly work-distracting gameplay, wicked artwork and a slick interface, but never enough carrots. This is a full game, not an ad. With weeks worth of content available now and a Rome back being added soon, there’s plenty to do.  If it sounds like I’m doing a marketing pitch on behalf of Ubi – I’m not. We’re not selling it. It’s free. I did the scriptwriting for the first couple of sets and a few odds and ends you’ll be seeing soon.

Next up. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I don’t need to say much about this. The quality of the series has always been top notch and it’s only getting started. It’s going to be released very soon so the reviews should say everything that needs saying. I worked on a team with other talented writers, historians, and various brand/lore people to deliver a very dark and exciting story. It’s a game put together by a whole hell of a lot of skilled people and I can’t wait to play it myself. I’m not sure if you still have time, but it’s worth pre-ordering the collector’s edition for your choice of serial killer jack-in-the-boxes if you can.

Finally, you may have heard something about Assassin’s Creed: Ascendance. All I can tell you is that I can confirm that it exists and it contains Assassins, ascendance, rain, and buildings. Oh, and lightning. Flowing capes, too. Stay tuned. I think you may like it. I worked with several creative guys to come up with the concept for this one and then wrote the script.

UPDATE: More has been revealed! Watch the full trailer for the motion comic here.

So there you have it. I’ve been stuck in Renaissance Italy for a while now, which has been a ton of fun. It’s rare that a project is so educational and though I can tell you a lot about Pandora, spouting random facts from Ezio’s world often impresses people while speaking in Na’vi causes them to take a step backwards.

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