Timeslaughter Meets Youtube

It was only a matter of time before the delicious terribleness of Timeslaughter wormed its way onto Youtube. I can’t apologize enough for this atrocity, nor can I stop loving the shit out of it. It’s perhaps the best worst game ever made. I adore the roast we’re getting, too. “Looks like it was drawn in MS Paint.” Yeah, pretty close. Deluxe Paint, actually. “Looks like it was made by 13 year olds.” Not far from the truth! Realizing that your baby is ugly could be a big hit to your ego, but I take pleasure in the fact that it is exceptionally ugly. The stuff of shareware legends. Gum that you can’t peel off the bottom of your shoe. A brown stain on the bottom of a toilet that just won’t scrub out. You be the judge:

What can I say? I blame Troma and Capcom.

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2 Responses to Timeslaughter Meets Youtube

  1. Angel Reyes (Scarecrow22) says:

    Nice work on the game you made!

    I like it thru the bloodshed.
    I know a friend that can’t seem to make the blood stay on the battlefield. Can you help?
    The game I’m talking about is Death Cargo: http://www.necrostorm.com/games/deathcargo/deathcargo.html

  2. Ethan says:

    Thanks! Unfortunately, that’s more of a programming question and I don’t know anything about the codemonkey side of things. Death Cargo looks fantastic, though! I can’t believe how smooth everything looks and those fatalities make me jealous. I’m going to bookmark the page – it’s great to see people out there carrying on the legacy of ridiculously violent fighting games!

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